Decoration along your dream

Do you need help from professional experts, because you want prepare great evening for your love, but you don´t know how to do it? You never prepared any big celebration, where are details the most important and you are afraid that you don´t have enough time? We know that it is not easy every time, but we are here for you. Prague proposal can be the best choice. We have three packages that you can avail. First is with private dinner in gardens under Prague Castle, second is with night in president apartment in chateau and third is along your dream. You can have everything you want in third package. Do you want stay in your favorite park or in great restaurant? We will take care about that.

Special price

Lots of people are afraid of price, because they think that it must cost thousand and thousand euro. Our prices are friendly, so everyone can avail our services. Make your order in our company, because then you can be sure that everything will be in term that you want. Enjoy to photographer, who will catch all your nice moments.


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Decoration along your dream
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